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Our Rental and Maintenance Service

The majority of our clients prefer to rent their office plant displays on a long term contract. This rental contract can be anywhere between 12 and 60 months, depending on their situation.

You can purchase your plant displays, then take advantage of our fantastic Maintenance Service on a rolling monthly basis, but there are several advantages to renting your displays:

 No expensive initial outlays. Tropical plant displays can get very expensive, renting the displays is a fantastic way of spreading this cost over a number of years.


No unexpected costs. The delivery and installation costs are all included in the rental, so what you pay in the first month will be the same as what you pay in the last.

 Maintenance Service Included. Our rental contract include our full maintenance service, so you don't need to worry about the plants at all.

Flexible ExtensionOnce the initial contract is up, you will go onto a 3-month notice period, so there are no surprise extensions or cancellation fees.

Disposal. When you decide it's time for an update, an office move, or you wish to cancel the service, Botanica will collect your displays and recycle the plants and pots where possible.

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