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Your one-stop shop for all things Botanica. Check out the latest developments in office plants, our new products and anything else we might find interesting!

Botanica Nurseries has a site in Slough, but we can supply interior and exterior landscaping services to anywhere in London, the South and the Midlands.

Follow this link to find out if Botanica can help you create a happy, healthy work space.

Office Plants for Facilities Management

Interior Landscaping Services for Facilities Managers

Natural Containers - 25/03/2022

Natural style containers are becoming more and more popular. Click here for more information and photos

Office Plant of the Week - 19/02/2021

As it's the week of valentines day, Botanica is featuring the lovely rose as its plant of the week. Click for more images and information about how the rose is used in offices all round the world.

Office Plant of the Week - 05/02/2021

This weeks office plant of the week is the Spathiphyllum, known colloquially as the peace lily. A fantastic tropical plant for both offices and houses alike. Take a look at some more photos and to find out more about the Spathy.

Revamping your Office - 28/01/2021

Find out how Botanica can use tropical plant displays to modernize your office and bring nature in to the workspace. Using biophilia and interior design to maximise the impact office plants can have in an ever changing working lifestyle.

Christmas at Botanica - 14/12/2020

The Christmas months are the busiest in Botanica's calendar. We have been supplying office Christmas trees for over 30 years and know what it takes to bring the joy of Christmas to your office. For more information and photos on what we can bring to your office this Christmas time,


A hub of commercial activity in the South East of England, Reading is home to thousands of businesses both in the centre and in the multiple business parks that surround it. Botanica have been installing and maintaining office plants in this area for over 25 years and can make your Reading office a happier place to work.


Bracknell is a thriving town full of successful industries. Botanica maintain the exterior bed and Living Walls in the newly renovated Lexicon Shopping Centre, as well as a number of interior landscaping jobs in the surrounding areas. If your office is in Bracknell and you are looking for office plants, Botanica can help


One of the largest cities on the South coast, more and more companies are opening offices in Southampton due to its affordable housing and stunning location. If you run an office in Southampton and need office plants, Botanica can offer a great service having worked in the city for many years.


Botanica can supply plants to offices to everywhere in Berkshire from our offices in Slough and Bracknell. From large, multinational corporations to small, one person operations, we can find the perfect office plants for you. Having lived and worked in Berkshire for over 35 years, we know the area well and can offer great prices for your interior or exterior landscaping. So whether you work in Reading, Windsor, Camberley or Newbury, use Botanica for all your corporate plant needs.

Stockley Business Park

Check out all the services Botanica can provide to companies on Stockley Business Park. From fresh flowers to Christmas trees, We can work to your budget and schedule and have experience with both multi-building companies to smaller businesses. Check out what we can do by clicking here.


Basingstoke has always been a home for business. Companies love the bustling town centre and the proximity to the M3. Botanica have been supplying office plants, fresh flowers, exterior landscaping and more for over 30 years to businesses in Basingstoke.


Botanica have been installing and maintaining office plants in Hatfield since 2002. One of our biggest clients is the University of Hertfordshire who Botanica have supplied with interior plant displays, Christmas Trees and Corporate Flowers for their graduations. We have also been providing services to Hatfield Business Park for many years.

High Wycombe

Do you own a business or run an office in High Wycombe? Botanica have plenty of services that can improve the look and feel of your workplace. Interior plant displays have never been more popular and we have a whole range of options to suit your every need. Businesses in High Wycombe have been using Botanica for over 30 years. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you!


A town on the rise with lots of businesses setting up shop here in the last 15 years. Botanica supply office plants to a few companies on Uxbridge Business Park including Xerox and Daiichi Sankyo. We also provide interior plant displays to plenty of companies in the centre of Uxbridge and the wider area.


Being a town full of history, Windsor has been the home of many business' for a very long time. Botanica have been supplying companies in Windsor with tropical plants for over 30 years. We have also supplied Christmas trees to Windsor for decades.


Botanica can supply fantastic office plants to offices in Guildford. From design to installation to ongoing maintenance the process is quick and simple. Find out how Botanica can improve the look and feel of your Guildford office by clicking below.


Botanica Nurseries can provide your Swindon office with fantastic office plants. Our range includes stunning natural containers made of wood, stone and even coconut husk. We also supply bespoke fibreglass containers to fit your every need.

Plants for offices Hemel Hempstead

Supply and maintenance of office plant displays in Hemel Hempstead

Office Plant of the Week - 26/02/2021

This weeks plant of the week is the fantastically colourful Croton Petra. This tropical plant is native to South-East Asia and Australia and makes a wonderful office plant due to its bright foliage and multi-coloured leaves.

Office Plant of the Week - 12/02/2021

This week's featured office plant is the Aglaonema. This is a fantastic office plant with a huge range of different types. Find out more about where it comes from and see more photos by clicking below.

Office Plant of the Week - 29/01/2021

Our second office plant of the week is the fantastically tropical Zamioculcas Zamifolia. Find out more about how these can be used in tropical plant displays for your office to help greenify your workplace by clicking below.

Office Plant of the Week - 22/01/2021

Botanica have decided to start a regular blog category called "Office Plant of the Week" to show off some of the fantastic tropical plants we have put in offices all around the UK.

This weeks choice is the Strelitzia Nicolai. Click here for more information and some wonderful photos.


Botanica have a tropical plant nursery just north of Slough, in Farnham Royal. We supply interior landscaping services to a number of companies in the Slough area, including Slough Borough Council. The Slough Industrial Estate is a hub of economic activity, as well as the town centre.

Central London

Botanica have been supplying office plants to businesses in the centre of London for over 35 years. Our designers and maintenance technicians are highly experienced and can use plant displays to transform your office. Anyone from small, one-room businesses to huge companies can use Botanica for their office plant needs.


Birmingham is the second largest city in the UK and also has one of the largest business districts, home to over 40,000 businesses. Botanica have been supplying office plants to some of these companies for over 20 years. This includes RICS who opened their office in Birmingham in 2018. Botanica have been maintaining their interior displays ever since.


If your Bristol office needs a splash of colour, Botanica can supply you with office plants. With known benefits such as a reduction in stress and an increase in productivity interior plants can really improve your workplace. We have been supplying corporate plants, Christmas trees and fresh flowers to Bristol offices for decades including both Filton and Bristol Business Parks.


Botanica has supplied Oxford companies with office plants for decades. We currently supply a whole host of different businesses with both interior plant displays and our exterior landscaping service. This includes a lot of work on the large business parks that surround it. Our office Christmas trees have always been in high demand in Oxford and the surrounding area.


Take a look at just some of the options Botanica can supply to your Watford office. From living walls to moss art and from large planted troughs to one-off floor standing containers. We can provide your office with all its tropical plant needs to bring some nature back into the workspace.


Located just north of London means Luton is ideally suited for businesses. We have been working in the area for over 30 years and can work to improve the look and feel of your workspace. To see what plant displays Botanica can provide your for your Luton office click here.


Camberley is home to multiple business parks as well as a bustling town centre. This makes it a perfect place to run a business from. Being based just a few miles down the road in Crowthorne means the Botanica nurseries can offer fantastic deals on our corporate plant displays and our fantastic Christmas tree service as well as everything in between.


Botanica have been providing all our services to companies in Theale over the years. From exterior landscaping to trailing artificial plants. And from interior tropical plants to Christmas trees. If your Theale office needs a touch of nature, look no further than Botanica.


Home to hundred of businesses, Botanica has been providing interior plants, Christmas trees and exterior landscaping in Ascot for over 15 years. Botanica supply corporate plant displays to companies on Ascot business park as well as the wider Ascot area.


Botanica are based in Slough, just a few miles from the centre of Maidenhead. This means we can offer great deals on interior plant displays and exterior landscaping for your Maidenhead office.


Offices in Newbury have benefited from the services Botanica provide for over 25 years. We can provide office plants, exterior landscaping, fresh flowers and even Christmas trees to your Newbury office. Click here for more information on how we can help improve your office space.

Welwyn Garden City

People working in Welwyn Garden City have been benefitting from Botanicas office plants for nearly 30 years. There's nothing better than tropical plants to improve the look and style of your office without spending a fortune. Find out more here.

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