Revamping your Office

With more and more people having the ability to work from home, the reasons for staff being in the office are changing. A workspace is now a place for people to meet, network and be creative. Therefore the layout and design of your office should change to satisfy that demand. This is where Botanica come in. We can help modernize the style of your office using tropical plant displays. Our highly-experienced interior design team can work with you to pick the options that best fit your needs.

This could mean living pictures that bring nature into an office without taking up too much floor space; planters built-in to pieces of furniture such as shelving units which are great for dividing the office; or large units on top of shelves that are fantastic for absorbing sound.

There are also hundreds of different styles of container that can be chosen to match the aesthetic of an existing office while bringing in more colour. We'll also ensure that the tropical plants chosen suit the light levels in your office. Botanica can also superimpose your choice of plant display into a photo of your office so you can see what it looks like before you commit.

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