Office Plants - Guildford

Botanica have been supplying office plants in Guildford for over 30 years. The process is quick and easy. After an initial meeting our design team will put together a quote based on your requirements. Upon acceptance of the quote, our installation team will plant up and deliver your tropical plants within 4-6 weeks depending on containers chosen. Our maintenance team will then visit your office every 3 weeks to keep your office plants looking brand-new.

We have plenty of option to bring tropical plants in to your office. From large floor standing displays made out of fibreglass to hanging ceramic bowls to desk troughs that can be made from anything from wood to stone and even coconut.

It is extremely well established that office plants improve productivity and creativity. They also clean the air of toxins which improves the health and mental wellbeing of your staff. Having tropical plants in an office also makes your workplace more attractive to potential employees or investors.

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