Exterior Landscaping


We understand that in business, first impressions count, which is why we believe that it’s vitally important to keep the exterior of your building looking clean, healthy and tidy.Botanica supply a competitive Grounds Maintenance Service which ensures that exterior landscapes are kept to a very high standard.

We can offer a range of services, on a bespoke contract that suits your needs. Our services include landscape design, landscape installation, and landscape maintenance.

Landscape Design

From hanging baskets and potted plants to a full scale revamp, we can provide the services that you need to dramatically increase the aesthetic appeal of your landscape design.

Landscape Installation

Whilst we love the challenge of landscape design, we also like to see a project right through to the end. That means that we can install your chosen landscape, and ensure that it gets off on the right foot.

Landscape Maintenance

Our landscape maintenance option includes services such as weed control, hedge trimming, grass cutting, litter picking, leaf blowing, and much more.

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