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Plants for Offices on Watford Business Parks

Office plant hire on Watford Business parksIf you run an office or building on any a Watford business park, Botanica can provide you with a huge range of stunning office plants. We have over 100 container styles, and the knowledge and experience to help you choose the tropical plants that will look great, and thrive in your office environment.

We are happy to visit you on your Watford Business Park office for a free consultation. One of our team can show you our fantastic range, as well as give you all the details of our maintenance service and rental contracts. We can then provide you with a free quote detailing your chosen displays and you could have them installed within two weeks. Give us a ring today or Contact Us Here:

Contact us on 01753 647476

Health Benefits of Plants

Having plants in your Watford Business Park office will not only look great, they will also provide a whole host of health benefits to your staff. Tropical plants clean the air of dust and toxins produced by everyday office life, including printers, office equipment and fixtures and fittings! As well as this they will also increase the Oxygen levels in your office and regulate humidity. If a tropical plant displays reduced your staff sick days by just one a year, it pays for itself.

As well as the physical benefits of tropical plants, they have also been proven to psychologically improve the well-being of your staff. This leads to increasing productivity, moral and even productivity. Overall tropical plants are an incredibly cost effective way of improving the working conditions for your staff.

Cost of tropical plant displays

Depending on the contract type and the number of displays, Botanica can provide tropical plants from as little as £2.50 per week. Most of our clients choose to rent the displays on a 12-36 month contract. This means no large upfront costs, it includes our maintenance service and updating/removing the plants when the contract is up.


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