Surrey Office Plant Rental

Surrey Office Plant Rental

Office Plants in Surrey

Botanica have been supplying Interior Landscaping, Exterior Landscaping, Fresh Flowers and Christmas Trees to companies in Surrey for over thirty years. Our experience staff can meet with you a discuss your requirements, we can then recommend  the best plants for your space and budget. Our maintenance service will then keep your plants looking fresh and healthy.

Botanica can cater to any facility in Surrey, whether you’re in an office, hotel, restaurant or educational facility.

Botanica can supply a wide range of planters and plants in Surrey. If you do not have the space for a floor standing planter, we can supply smaller desktop bowls or stunning fresh flowers to lighten up your smaller space. Interior Plants can not only be used as an office feature, they can also act as a contemporary alternative to screens and barriers.

Office plants also have proven health benefits for your staff. Many of the plants we use can filter the toxins often found in office environments. These toxins come from the electrical equipment, carpets, printers and photocopiers as well as office supplies such as paper. These toxins are believed to be a leading cause of SBS (Sick Building Syndrome) and office plants can greatly reduce the symptoms of this. Not only will our plants and fresh flowers look great, they will also lead to a happier, healthy space for your staff and clients.

Botanica’s 5 easy steps means you can rejuvenate your office in no time, and our professional staff will help you achieve this with minimal disruption. If you are interested in any of our services, give us a ring for a free quote and on site consultation.

Contact us today for a free Quote. Call: 01753 647476

Botanica not only supply services to Surrey, but all over the UK.



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