Office Plant Rental in Portsmouth

Portsmouth Office Plant Rental

Portsmouth Office PlantsIf you are a company in Portsmouth, and you’re looking for beautiful office plant displays, Botanica can supply you with a huge range of interior tropical plant displays for a competitive price.
You could rent an indoor office plant display for as little as £2.50 per week, and we will look after it for you.

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We can work with you to choose the containers and tropical plants that will suit your Portsmouth office space, and thrive in their conditions. Once you have chosen your displays you can either purchase them, or rent them on a long term contract (12-48 months).

The benefits of a long term rental are zero upfront costs, our fantastic maintenance service is included and once the contract term is up you will not have heavy displays to dispose of, we will simply update them for you.

Portsmouth Maintenance Service

If you chose to rent your plant displays, this will include out maintenance service. You are also free to sign up to our maintenance service if you purchase the displays, or already have existing displays.
We will send one of our highly trained and experience technicians to your Portsmouth office on a regular basis to water, feed, prune and clean your office plant displays. We will also remove and treat any harmful bugs, and replace any plants that die or outgrow their space free of charge.

Benefits of Office Plants

Office plants can bring a huge number of benefits to staff and guests at your Portsmouth office. Not only do they look fantastic, but office plants have been proven to have loads of physical and psychological health benefits that could increase your staff moral, productivity and even creativity. Here are just some of the benefits of office plants.

1. Increased Oxygen levels
2. Reduction in harmful airborne chemicals
3. Removal of dust
4. Regulate humidity
5. Reduction in noise pollution

Read more about the health benefits of office plants here.