Office Plants in Swindon

Swindon Office Plant Rental

Office plant hire in SwindonBotanica sells and rents beautiful tropical office plant displays to companies in Swindon. From as little as £2.30 per week you could get a fully maintained tropical plant display in your Swindon office.
The process is really simple and we will help you chose the best plants and containers for your office. We have a choice of hundreds of containers in loads of different sizes and designs, and you can choose a custom RAL or Pantone colour.
We can then work with you to choose the tropical plants that will best suit the variety of locations in your office. We can measure the light levels, temperature and humidity to ensure your office plants thrive.
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Once you have chose your plants and displays you just need to decide whether you would like yo buy or rent the displays. We will then deliver the displays to your Swindon office and maintain them for you on a regular basis. There is no hassle and we will replace any that die free of charge.

Office plants not only look great, but they will also improve the health and well-being of your staff. Increased air quality will prevent sick days and increase productivity. Even looking at a plant will improve the psychological health of your Swindon staff so you really can’t lose!

Office plants can also be used as part of the functioning office furniture. They can act as safety barriers, screens, signs as well as many more functions.

We supply interior tropical plants, exterior plants, Christmas trees and floristry services to companies in Swindon, so we are here for all your needs.