Interior Living Walls

Living WallsInterior Living Walls

At Botanica, our aim is to make your office look vibrant and bright, and keep your staff productive and healthy. There is no better way of achieving this than with living walls.

Living walls never fail to make an impression, and their unique designs and creative uses will impress staff and clients. You can personally design both the plants and container in your living wall to include logo’s, images or instructions.

Not only do living walls have all the health benefits of planters, they can also be used in the following ways:

Movable Barriers

Interior Living walls have the option of wheels, meaning they can be moved around the office easily and placed wherever you may need a barrier. They can be used to block off temporarily restricted areas, or add privacy to meeting rooms. Living walls can be placed anywhere close to a power source.

Sound Reduction

Living walls are perfect for reducing sound pollution in the office. The thick layer of plant life will absorb sound, leading to a quieter office with more privacy for your staff.

Reduce Office Pollutants

Living walls are perfect for enclosing the printing area in your office. The plants will absorb the toxins given off by the paper, printer and machines. This will in turn help reduce the symptoms of SBS, keeping your staff happy and healthy.

Signs and Instructions

Many companies have used Living walls as a unique way of directing office traffic. Examples would be ‘No Entry’ or directional arrows. These designs can be built using the vast array of coloured plants available to us. Each plant within the wall is interchangeable, so you can temporarily use your living wall for any of these purposes.

If you are interest in living walls, give us a call for more details or a free on site consultation.

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Botanica can supply living walls, as well as other Interior and Exterior Landscaping, Fresh Flowers and Christmas Trees to anywhere in the UK.

Interior Living Walls




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