Healthy Office Environment

Creating a Healthy Working Environment

Healthy Office EnvironmentStaff are the backbone of any business, and keeping them happy and healthy will reap huge rewards in the short and long term. One of the ways you can do this is to create a relaxing, welcoming and peaceful office environment. Wouldn’t it be nice if you staff looked forward to coming into work on a Monday morning?

Recently companies have been trying hard to create this perfect working space, and we can already see a difference in the industry. There are some easy to achieve techniques, such as office layout, design and space, as well as some expensive products such as hydraulic desks, coffee machines and personal ‘pods’.

Botanica supply and maintain Office Plants. Office plants are the ideal addition to any healthy office design. Below are some fantastic reasons to bring tropical greenery into your office:

1. They are fantastic value for money. Botanica can supply a fully maintained 6′ office plant for as little as £2.20 per week.

2. They are scientifically proven to provide health benefits. As well as the psychological benefit of having a nice office, office plants are one of the only examples where office furniture can actually provide physical health benefits to your staff. Tropical plants clear the air of harmful chemicals and dust, increase Oxygen levels and regulate humidity. All this leads to less sick days, and higher productivity.

3. They look fantastic. We have hundreds of different containers and tropical plants for you to choose from. You really will get a healthy, beautiful piece of living art! Most of our containers are bespoke made in a design, size, colour and finish that will perfectly match your healthy office environment. We supply floor standing units, troughs, desktop bowls and living pictures.

If you want to create a healthy office environment for your staff, give Botanica a ring today, or Contact Us Here for more information, or to book a free appointment.

We supply office plants, fresh flowers, exterior maintenance and Christmas Tree Hire to companies anywhere in the South East, Midlands, South West and London.