Fareham Office Plant Rental


Office Plant Displays in Fareham

Fareham Office Plant RentalIf you run an office in or around Fareham, we can supply you with beautiful office plant displays from as little as £2.30pw. You can chose the style, size and colour of your containers from our huge range. We will then help you chose the best tropical plants that will thrive in your office environment during a free onsite consultation.

Contact us here to book your free onsite consultation, or give us a ring on 01753 647476

Once you have chosen your bespoke displays we will send you a quote with a purchase or rental price. We would always recommend renting your Fareham office plant displays for the following reasons:

You get free delivery
There are no upfront costs
Our maintenance service is included
Chose from a 12-48 month contract
Free plant replacements
No costly disposal fees

At the end of the contract you can keep the displays at a discounted rate, replace them with something new or remove them all together.

Fareham Office Plant Maintenance

Our maintenance service means you won’t have to worry about keeping the plants looking at their best. We will send one of our experienced plant maintenance technicians to your Fareham office on a regular bases to water, prune, feed, clean and remove any bugs from your plant displays. We will also replace any plants that die or outgrown their space for free. Our Fareham plant maintenance service is included when you rent the displays, or can be purchased separately on a monthly rolling contract.

Health benefits of plants in your Fareham office

Not only do office plants look fantastic, they are also great at improving the health of your staff members. Getting office plant displays can help in the following ways:

Improved air quality

– Increase in Oxygen levels helping your staff stay awake and focused.
– Reduction in harmful chemicals produced by printers, office equipment and even fixtures and fittings.
– Plants will collect dust from the air, improving respiratory health.
– Plants will regulate humidity, reducing the number of coughs and colds your staff suffer from.

Psychological benefits of office plants

Just being close to nature has shown to improve the well being of your staff. If there is a plant displays in view your staff will be more productive, more creative and happier.

Plants also reduce noise pollution, increase privacy and can be used for functional purposes such as barriers. Click here to read more about the health benefits of plants in your office.