Biophilia Office Design

What is Biophilia

Biophilia Office DesignBiophilia is a scientific field of research showing the link between nature and well-being. Biophilia has proven many times over that humans enjoy being connect to nature in one way or another. This connection to nature can be expressed in many way including therapy animals, natural office design such as wooden furniture and office plants.

Just being able to see nature around you has been proven to increase moral, creativity and productivity – this explains why the office window seat is so popular! At Botanica we want to work with companies so that their staff do not just have a window seat or sit on a wooden chair. We want your staff to be able to see, touch and breath nature whilst sitting at their desks, being creative in meetings or socialising in the break out room.

Office plants as part of a biophilia office design

This is where office plants come in. Including tropical plants in the design of your biophilia office is the most cost effective way to bringing a bit of the outside in. From just £2.30 per week you could rent a beautiful office plant displays, and we will even look after it for you!

Biophilia is not just about the psychological benefits of working in a more natural environment, it’s also about the physical benefits. Whilst a wooden bench or artificial grass may look great, real plants also provide a whole host of physical benefits to your staff. Indoor tropical plants improve the air quality in your office in three different ways:

1. They absorb Carbon Dioxide and release Oxygen into the atmosphere, reducing the chance of your staff becoming tired and lethargic.
2. They absorb harmful chemicals in the air including benzine and formaldehyde. These chemicals are given off by every day office equipment, cleaning chemicals and computer/printing equipment.
3. They regulate air humidity so your office is not too damp or too dry. Often air-conditioning units and a lack of open windows dry the air out in your office, leading to coughs and colds.

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