Plant Displays For The Homeresidential interior landscaping

Botanica are proud to be one of the only companies in the UK to provide professional interior landscaping services to the residential market. We have furnished many of our client’s homes with beautiful tropical plants that are potted into some of the worlds finest containers.

Our plant displays are available for purchase only, or purchase with a maintenance contract. The vast majority of our clients that purchase their plant displays from us also opt-in for our maintenance services. The maintenance services include everything that is necessary to keep your plant displays clean and healthy. Every 2-3 weeks a maintenance technician will visit your property to clean, feed, water & prune each display as well as ensuring that the displays are pest free, and as healthy as can be.
Your Plants:

There are many tropical plants available in today’s marketplace, and we are proud to be able to offer all of them due to our strong links with suppliers. The most popular plant types are displayed in our tropical plant brochure, but if you are looking for something more unusual please contact us.

Your Containers:

Classic Fiberglass – We have an extensive range of fiberglass containers that are handmade  made in Scotland. There are many different shapes and sizes to choose from, and they are all available in any colour of your choice.

Luxury Materials – For clients that require the finer things in life, we have large range of beautiful planters made from extraordinary, luxurious materials, including: Mother of pearl, gold/silver leaf, polished egg shells, coconut wood, and real snake skin.

If you would like plants for your home, please call us on 01753 647476 to arrange a free meeting. We will visit your property to discuss your requirements at a time and date that best suits you.